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  • Samosa (2pcs)
    (Home made pastry filled potatoes, peas and infused with species and herbs) $100
    Cheese Aloo Tikki (4 pcs)
    (Lightly spiced potato cutlets stuffed with cheese and deep fried – Also very popular with the kids!) $100
    Onion Bhajia (4 pcs)
    (Seasoned savory Onion Dumplings coated with herbed chickpea flour and deep fried.)
    Paneer Tikkar (4 pcs)
    (Cottage cheese cubes in a yogurt marinated and finished with a tangy spicy masala)
    Aloo Tikki Chaat
    (Lightly spiced potato cutlets topped with chickpeas, mint yogurt and tamarind chutney.)
    Murgh Tikka (6 pcs)
    (Boneless pieces of chicken steeped in a yogurt marinade of aromatic spices grilled in the tandoor to perfection.)
    Reshmi Kebab (6 pcs)
    (Chiocken pieces marinated in mildly flavored fresh cream grilled in the tandoor
    imparting a smoky flavor – a favourite of both adults and children!)
     Chandni Kebab (4 pcs)
    (Morsels of chicken topped with cheese, draped in a lightly spiced marinade, grilled on
    glowing ambers, Unique and delicious – our Chef/Owner, Ravi Gandhi’s, very own
    creation, a must try!)
     Kesar Kasturi Murg (6 pcs)
    (Juicy Chicken reserved overnight in saffron and sundried fenugreek leaf marinade, and
    cooked in the tandoor.)
     Lucknowi Sheek Kebab (4 pcs)
    (Lamb mince mixed with a blend of spices and chargrilled in the tandoor –
    Unquestionably the greatest kebab in the Lucknowi region, so soft that it literally melts in
    your mouth. Created for the leisure loving nobles who preferred not to chew!)
     Lahoree Champ (4 pcs)
    (Ineffably aromatic and succulent Lamb Cutlets studded with freshly ground peppercorns
    and chargrilled to perfection – Another mouth wateringcreation by our Chef/Owner,
    inspired by the Lahore region in the Old Punjab.)
     Maachi Tikka (6 pcs)
    (Fresh Fish cubes enveloped in our very own special tandoori marinade and chargrilled
    – An extremely popular dish!)
     Maachi Kali Mirch (6 pcs)
    (Marinated Fish cubes studded with freshly ground peppercorns and chargrilled.)
     Lasooni Jinga (6 pcs)
    (A contemporary classic of Hand Picked Prawns steeped in a marinade of aromatic
    spices and hand tossed with garlic – For all you seafood lovers!)
     Cumin Special Prawns
    (A master creation by our chef Ravi Gandhi – Prawns sautéed in curry leaves, hand
    tossed sun-dried spices and cashenuts.)
    Kebab Sampler
     Vegetarian Platter
    (A selection of samosas, Cheese Aloo Tikki & Onion Bhajis – 2 pieces each)
     Non Vegetarian Platter
    (A selection of Murg Tikka, Sheekh Kebab & Lahoree Champ – 2 pieces each)
    Masterpieces (Mains)
     Murg Makhani
    (Otherwise known as Butter Chicken! No Menu is complete without this all time Aussie
    favourite!! Smoked marinated Chicken cooked in a rich creamy Tomato sauce, subtly
    flavoured with Fenugreek leaves.)
     Kadai Murg
    (An age-old recipe of farm fed Chicken made with home ground spices, tossed with
    Capsicum, Onions and Tomatoes and served traditionally in a ‘Kadai’.)
     Methi Murg
    (A delicate combination of Chicken with Fenugreek leaves brought to a pleasing blend
    with freshly pounded spices – A dish that every housewife in Delhi must know how to
     Murg Saagwala
    (A classic blend of Spinach and Chicken cooked with a hint of spices, and finished with a
    tempering of freshly chopped garlic.)
     Murg Kali Mirch
    (Roasted Chicken cooked in a cashew gravy with a robust flavor of peppercorns.)
     Murg Patiala
    (A delicious North Indian curry with boneless pieces of Chicken cooked with mild spices
    in an onion and tomato based gravy.)
     Murg Peshawari
    (A ‘Cumin’ special – Succulent pieces of Chicken marinated overnight in our ‘secret’
    marinade, simmered to perfection in a medium spicy gravy. This recipe was created by
    our very own Chef/Owner, Ravi Gandhi, for which he has won numerous awards in
     Murg Moghlai
    (Originally created for the Royal Moghuls in the Northern Indian Provinces and now
    brought to your table by ‘Cumin’ – A Royal style Chicken Curry finished with an egg.)
     Murg Madras
    (Influenced by the Southern regions of India, this recipe entices you with its rich flavors!
    Pieces of Chicken cooked in an unique curry with a touch of our homemade ‘Madras
    Curry Powder’.)
     Murg Tikka Masala
    (Cubes of Chicken Tikka sautéed with diced capsicums & onions in a creamy, yet spicy
    tomato sauce – the all time British favourite.)
     Rogan Josh
    (Pieces of Lamb gently massaged with yogurt and an innovative blend of Kashmiri
    spices and cooked on a gentle flame.)
     Balti Gosht
    (An ethnic Punjabi dish, fashioned from leg of Lamb, simmered in its own juices and
    finished with home churned ‘pure ghee’.)
     Gosht Korma
    (Morsels of Lamb cooked in Cashew and Almond gravy, laced with mild spices, yogurt
    and green peas.)
     Sheekh Kebab Masala
    (Pieces of Lamb Mince Kebabs in a curry – Another innovative creation by our
    Chef/Owner, extremely pleasing to the palate!)
     Saagwala Gosht
    (Tender pieces of Lamb cooked with Spinach and a hint of spices.)
     Gosht Vindaloo
    (The ‘Classic’ Goan dish – Pieces of Lamb cooked a spicy ‘Vindaloo’ gravy, brought to a
    pleasing pungency with freshly pounded spices.)
     Beef Vindaloo
    (The ‘Classic’ Goan dish – Pieces of Beef cooked a spicy ‘Vindaloo’ gravy, brought to a
    pleasing pungency with freshly pounded spices.)
     Beef Do Pyaza
    (Beef pieces marinated in a lightly flavored marinade and tossed on the pan with slices
    of Onions – Simple yet scrumptious!)
     Bali Beef
    (Tender pieces of Beef cooked in an ethnic Punjabi Style and served in a ‘Bali’.)
     Beef Korma
    (Beef pieces cooked in a Cashew and Almond gravy, laced with mild spices and yogurt.)
     Palak Pork
    (Cubes of Pork lightly rubbed with a blend of spices, cooked with Spinach.)
     Pork Madras
    (Influenced by the Southern regions of India, this recipe entices you with its rich flavors!
    Pieces of Pork cooked in an unique curry with a touch of our homemade ‘Madras Curry
     Baga Maachi
    (Brought to you from the famous ‘Baga Beach’ in Goa! – Our version of the classic
    coconut flavored Goan Fish Curry
     Maachi Rarra
    (Another masterpiece created by our very own Chef/Owner! – Pieces of Fish fillet
    smothered in coastal spices and cooked to perfection in a ‘special’ tomato based sauce
    – highly recommended!.)
     Hari Maachi
    (When literally translated, it’s says ‘Great Fish’ – Pieces of fresh water fish fillets, lightly
    battered, and cooked and a unique green curry made with Coriander and a handful of
    fresh herbs and spices – Try it, you won’t find this anywhere else!)
     Jinga Malai Curry
    (For all you Seafood Lovers! – Try this Coastal specialty. Fresh Prawns gently cooked
    in a mild curry in a Coconut cream base with a hint of spices.)
     Jinga Peshawari
    (Inspired by our award winning ‘Murg Peshawari’ recipe. These Freshly hand picked
    Prawns are marinated in our ‘secret’ marinade and simmered to perfection in a medium
    spicy gravy.)
     Mussels Sukha
    (An unusual combination of Mussels pan tossed with ‘southern spices’ made fragrant
    with curry leaves.)
     Dal Makhani
    (Black gram and Red Kidney beans simmered overnight on the tandoor, finished with
    home churned butter and cream – The kids love this Dal!)
     Dal Tadka
    (Yellow lentils cooked with a zesty ‘tempering’ of freshly pounded masalas.)
     Cholay Masala
    (Chickpeas cooked over a charcoal fire in specially designed tin containers, creating an
    extraordinary play of tastes.)
     Jeera Aloo
    (A simple preparation of sliced potatoes spiced with royal cumin, chillies, asafoetida and
    curry leaves – A great accompaniment to complement any main dish!)
     Aloo Mutter
    (Diced potatoes cooked with green peas in a thick gravy.)
     Palak Makai
    (Tender corn kernels cooked with spinach leaves to create a unique symphony of
     Kadai Subzi
    (An assortment of mixed Vegetables made in harmony with the season, tossed in a light
    gravy and mild spices.)
     Tawa Dhingri with Babycorn
    (A Unique combination of Mushroom and Babycorn tossed on th ‘tawa’ with a special
    blend of aromatic spices.)
     Malai Kofta
    (A Distinct preparation of ‘koftas’ (deep-fried dumplings) made with scrambled cottage
    cheese and mashed potatoes, stuffed with dry fruits and served in a special gravy.)
     Palak Panner
    (A traditional blend of Cottage cheese cubes tossed in Spinach and finished with a
    tempering of chopped garlic and cumin – This is one of the most popular contemporary
    dishes with the Vegetarians that never goes out of style!.)
     Aloo Baigan
    (Traditional combination of spiced potatoes & eggplant)
     Paneer Makhani
    (Your good old fashioned ‘Butter Chicken’ alternative for all you Paneer lovers! –
    Cubes of Paneer tossed and served in a rich creamy tamato sauce, subtly flavored
    With Fenugreek leaves.)
     Kaju Falli
    (Stringless Green Beans and roasted cashew nuts create a unique symphony of flavors.)
    Rice Spread
     Murg Biryani
    (A rice delicacy of Succulent pieces of Chicken, marinated
    Overnight and cooked with long grain basmati rice flavored
    With freshly roasted spices and saffron.)
     Gosht Biryani
    (A special Lamb curry places in ‘layers’ with aromatic basmati
    Rice and cooked on a slow flame in a tradional ‘paraat’)
     Subz Biryani
    (A fragrant assortment of garden fresh Vegetables and basmati
    Rice, flavored with saffron, mace and other freshly pounded spices.)
     Palak Pulav
    (Aromatic basmati rice cooked with Spinach and home
    made pure ghee.)
     Jeera Pulav
    (Fragrant basmati rice laced with a tempering of royal cumin-
    A great alternative to Plain rice!)
     Steamed Rice
    (Steamed basmati rice)
    Freshly Baked Breads
     Plain Naan
    (Leavened bread made with refined flour and freshly baked in the tandoor.)
     Tandoori Roti
    (Wholemeal bread made made in the clay oven.)
     Butter Naan
    (Freshly tandoored Naan smothered with butter!)
     Garlic Naan
    (Soft Naan topped with Garlic.)
     Laccha Paratha
    (Layered wholemeal bread.)
     Cheese Naan
    (Our freshly baked Naan stuffed with a generous helping of Mozarella Cheese.)
     Pudina Paratha
    (Wholemeal bread flavoured with mint.)
     Keema Naan
    (Naan stuffed with lightly spiced mince meat.)
     Bharvan Kulcha
    (Bread with a spiced potato and peas.)
     Kashmiri Naan
    (Bread made with a stuffing of almonds, cashew nuts and sultans.)
     Garlic Cheese Naan
    (Our freshly baked Naan stuffed with a generous helping of Mozerella Cheese topped
    with garlic.)
     Chilli Pickle
     Lime Pickle
     Mango Chutney
     Mint/Tamarind Chutney
     Tomato and Onion
     Cucumber Raita
     Pappadums (4pcs)
    Final Touches (Desserts)
     Gulab Jamun
     Mango Kulfi
     Anjeer (Figs) Kulfi
    Cold Drinks
     Soft Drinks/Mineral Water/Juices
     Lemon Iced Tea
     Mango/Sweet/Salted Lassi
     Lemon Lime Bitters
    Steaming Cups
     Cappuccinno
     Latte
     Flat White
     Masala Tea
     Green Tea
     Camomile Tea
     Mint Tea
     Irish Coffee
    Indicates Chef’s Recommendations
    Indicates dishes which are medium hot
    Indicates dishes which are hot
    (Same image here) Indicates dishes which are very hot
    (Image to be placed here) Indicates dishes which can be cooked in extra virgin
    olive oil
    *All our curries are GLUTEN FREE and made fresh on the pan after your order has
    been placed.
    *Please inform us before hand if you are allergic to nuts or any other
    Children’s Menu (under 12 years of age)
    *available Monday to Thursday only
    (Soft Drink, Cheese Aloo Tikki, Butter Chicken,
    Jeera Aloo, Rice)
    Cumin Banquet Menu
    (Dinner Set Menu for minimum of 4 persons.)
    Pappadums, Samosa, Murg Tikka, Seekh Kebab
    Jeera Aloo, Murg Makhani, Rogan Josh, Beef Do Pyaza,
    Tomato and Onion, Cucumber Raita
    Cumin Special (Seafood) Banquet Menu
    (Dinner Set Menu for minimum of 4 persons)
    All of the above with the additions below:
     Lasooni Jinga Maachi Tikka
     Maachi Rara or Jinga Malai Curry